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This program has gone on hiatus.

Previous Clinics:

What is WebDAV and How Can I Use It? (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning)
Can We Talk? Web-based Chat Tools
Web Pages on the Cheap: Where to Find Free Tools
Web Pages and Browsers--Bridging the Gap
Unplugging the Web: Moving to Wireless
When to Hold 'Em, When to Fold 'Em: Web Browsers and Cascading Stylesheets
Tables for the Blind; Complying with Accessibility Recommendations
Microsoft Solutions for Web Presentations
Privacy Policies and Data Security on the Web
Learn about campus plans to implement a new law designed to protect the privacy of personal records collected by the University, as well as general issues that affect the intersection of privacy and use in the University environment.

They Could Have Been Contenders
Under consideration for review were MacroMedia's Dreamweaver, Microsoft's Front Page, and Allaire's HomeSite.

A Marriage of Convenience: Wedding the Power of Databases and the Web
Clinic discussed applications of database interface tools like Allaire's Cold Fusion to automating web-based information retrieval services (e.g., on-line registration, product requests on-line, etc.)

Into the Jaws of Accessibility
Have you tested your website to see how you hear it?
Have you thought about how the upcoming changes to the laws enforcing the Americans With Disabilities Act accessibility requirements will impact our campus?
These changes will affect web publications, software development, and hardware & software procurement standards. This clinic reviewed our websites to see how accessible they are with the latest in screen reader technology: JAWS.

Privacy Issues for Interactive Web Pages
Is your privacy protected on the Internet? What is your responsibility if you design interactive Web pages? This clinic discussed issues surrounding Web technologies that prompt feedback from or track the usage of users of a Web site, particularly in an academic setting.

Accessibility: It's Not Just the Right Thing to Do; It's the Law

Basics: These Aren't Your Mother's Web Pages! Webpage tune-ups.

Color Issues
Web Style for the "Color Blind" or Can a Terrapin Look Good in Pink and Green Polka Dot Pajamas? Using color effectively in webpage design.

Design and Style Issues
Details! Details! Details! How to use Maryland's On-line Style Guide and Universal Design concepts for your Web Pages.

Electronic Curbcuts for Web Pages
Are your webpages accessible to persons with disabilities using adaptive technology? Check out

Wake Up Your Webpages with a bit of JavaScript! Useful javascripts to plug into your webpages.

Into the JAWS of accessibility: we demo'd the JAWS screen reading software to hear out webpages.

Keeping on the WebTrack
Tools and Methods that will help you stay up to date on Web Development Issues.

Layouts and graphics for your web pages.
Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large or One Size Fits All

Legal Issues
Legal Schmegal - Just Tell Me What to Do! A look at legal issues and how they can affect your web page at the University of Maryland.

Update on Legal and Policy Issues 1999: Campus Expert: Rodney Petersen. Recent amendments to the copyright act (known as the Digital Millenium Copyright Act) have extended the duration of copyright protection an additional 25 years. There is also a "safe harbor" provision to protect Online Service Providers (like the University) from liability for copyright infringement if appropriate procedures are followed.

Join the Hit Parade! Using metatags, comments fields, and getting your website registered with the search engines.

Camera! Action! Take 126! Enhancing your webpage with Audio and Video clips.

On-line Conversations: Chat
I Chat, You Chat, We All Chat with WebChat! Enhancing your webpage with a chat facility for "town hall" style on- line meetings - or providing space for a "guest speaker" with on-line Q & A.

7 On-line Conversations: Threaded Discussions
Talk Around the Clock! Using HyperNews to provide threaded discussions on your website.

Quiz-Submit Tool
Let's Take a Quiz! Add a survey or quiz to your webpages using inforM's Quiz-Submit.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids! Everything you wanted to know about scanning for your web pages, but were afraid to ask.

Under the Magnifying Glass: Adding a search feature to your website (and more).

Pssst! What's the password? or A guide to securing your webpages.

Web Programming Languages
University Webmaster, Rob Kohlbus, will discuss the roles of Javascript, CGI and Java in everyday web use and development.


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