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Instructional Technology Resources



Teaching with Technology Conference




Learning Theory Links

Learning and Instructional Theory Links

Instructional Technology Research Online

Theory Into Practice Database

This database contains brief summaries of 50 major theories of learning and instruction.

Active Learning and Teaching With Technology

A workshop on how to use WebQuests as an inquiry-oriented learning activity in your courses.

Problem-based Learning

Links to learning theory from a learning and cognition course at Indiana University

List of Educational Theories

Full text ERIC Article on Gardenerís Multiple Intelligences

Reflections on Constructivism and Instructional Designs

Radical Constructivism

Papers on Radical Constructivism

A Library of literature regarding Constructivism and Related sites

The ins and outs of constructivism published by the University of Denver

Situated cognition and activity theory.

Critical Thinking and Concept Mapping

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