UM Data Warehouse Account Request Form
Complete the information on this form online, be sure to print all pages, then sign and obtain your Unit Head's signature.

To submit this form, scan all pages of the completed form and email as a .pdf attachment to:
OR if sending by campus mail, mail to: IT-SI-Operations, 1241 A.V. Williams Bldg., Attn: Production Control
User Information
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Warehouse Information
Data subset access is applied for when submitting this form. Data Stewards for each data subset will be notified and approval requested. Please indicate all data subsets to which you are applying for access by clicking on the appropriate box(es) below:

Warehouse on the Web (WOW) - Complete this section if you are requesting access to WOW:

Human Resources (coll/dept/unit user access)             ||  FOR SERVICE OFFICE USE ONLY:Employee Lookup Affiliate Lookup
Please indicate PHR Unit Codes (15-digit codes) you need to access (coll/dept/unit user access):
Scholarship Account Disbursement (FIN2514) Report
Federal Work Study (FWS) Note: FWS Participation Agreement must be submitted to FWS office prior to approval for warehouse access
List FWS account numbers to which you are entitled to have access:
Students by College/Major/Term (Registrar reports): Deans List, Degrees and Registered students
List SIS college or major code(s) you need to access:
Scheduling (for Campus Scheduling Officers only)

Adhoc Query - Complete this section if you are requesting adhoc query client access:
NOTE: Data Administration supports Hyperion Interactive Reporting software for adhoc querying and offers training sessions on the use of this software for UM faculty and staff. Hyperion training is not mandatory, however, Data Training is mandatory for each approved data subset before any access is given. Data training sessions are conducted by the data manager in the service office ex. University Human Resources (for PHR data), Registrar's Office (for SIS student records and registration data) that is responsible for the data subset. Data training is intended to provide users with the knowledge they need to know about the data subset's data warehouse tables and fields to ensure responsible use of this data.

Human Resources (PHR)
List PHR Unit Codes (15-digit codes) to which you are entitled to have access:
Faculty (ARS)
All Student Data - Records & Registration (SIS)  Student Course and Grades
List the SIS college code(s) or SIS major/program code(s) to which you are entitled to have access:
Other Data and Reason for access:

Unit Head Signature

By my signature, I verify the information on this form, confirm the applicant’s duties require access to this information, and authorize access for the applicant. It is my responsibility to inform the Office of Data Administration of any change in this employee’s status that may affect access (e.g. termination of employment, leave of absence, change of job responsibilities or department).

Dean, Department Chairperson or Director's Signature Date

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Statement of Understanding

I understand that, pending all approvals, I will be given access to information contained in University administrative and/or academic computer systems solely for the purpose of fulfilling my official job duties. I agree to keep all information in a manner that is appropriate to its content and to keep any personally identifiable information confidential, kept out of public view, and stored in a secure location/form whether it is in paper copy, contained in software, visible on screen displays, in computer readable, or any other form. I understand I am solely responsible for my use of this information, including its disclosure to others. I therefore agree not to re-disclose or provide access to this information except as authorized by my job duties and in compliance with federal and state laws and University policy. Neither curiosity nor personal relationships provide a basis for any breach of confidentiality.

By signing the UM Data Warehouse account, I acknowledge I am the only authorized user of the assigned UM Data Warehouse account, and that I will take steps to maintain the security, confidentiality, and integrity of any information accessed by me. These steps include protecting the confidentiality of my password to ensure others may not use it to access my account. I understand that I am responsible for receiving training on all data subsets to which I have been given access in the UM Data Warehouse. If I do not comply with the training requirement. I understand that my account will be revoked. I understand that, because the data is transferred periodically from a transactional computer system to the UM Data Warehouse, the information I receive may not be current. Changes made after I receive the downloaded information will be reflected in the next download.

I have read the University of Maryland Guidelines for the Acceptable Use of Computing Resources available at I have had the opportunity to have my questions regarding these Guidelines, or my access to and use of the Information answered. I understand providing Information for unauthorized uses or otherwise violating University confidentiality policies relating to the information may result in disciplinary action, including my dismissal and prosecution under applicable federal or state laws. If I am a student employee, I understand that misuse also may result in a referral to the Student Judicial Board.

Statement of Understanding For Use of Student Data

I understand that all personally identifiable information contained in all student education records*, including information available through academic computer systems, is confidential and prohibited from disclosure except as permitted by the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), commonly known as the Buckley Amendment, and by the University’s Policy on Confidentiality and Disclosure of Student Records (the Policy). I have read the Policy ( I have had the opportunity to have my questions regarding FERPA, the Policy, and my access to and use of student data answered.

* Student education records are defined as any University record that contains information directly related to a student, with the exception of records made by faculty and staff for their own use and not shown to others, campus police law enforcement records, medical/psychological treatment records, some employment records, and records created after a student has ceased to enroll.
In particular, I acknowledge that under FERPA and the Policy:

By signing this form, I verify I have read and understood this form, and agree to comply with its contents.

Applicant's Signature - All applicants must sign here to request account(s) Date