Information Literacy Issues: Presentation and Organization

Evaluate the presentation and organization of the site

Presentation issues include page or site layout, clarity or intuitiveness of the site's organizational design, and help/example sections. Presentation issues may, or may not, impact the information provided. If a citation of the source means that others will visit the site, the citation should be annotated to include information about the site presentation and organization. If a site is very difficult to use, it might be better to not use it as a reference.

Things to look for:

  • Intuitive site organization for the appropriate audience
  • Clear headings and textual references
  • Appropriate use of graphics and multi-media
  • Help and example sections appropriately placed
  • Navigational links provided back to starting points or table of content pages
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Originally published May 1996 by Lida L. Larsen, Assistant Director, Collegial Relations and Information Services, Office of Information Technology, University of Maryland, College Park. Revised January 2007. Copyright Protected

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