About Mail@umd Webmail

Webmail is a Web-based messaging tool that allows you to access and manage e-mail across the Internet. You can use Webmail with most Web browsers. You will use your University Directory ID and password to log in to view, compose, respond to, and manage e-mail in your Mail@umd account.

Getting Started with Webmail offers help using Webmail's features to manage your e-mail, and includes information on composing messages, creating folders and filters to manage your mail, customizing your junk mail controls, and more.

Webmail does not behave in exactly the same way with every Web browser. This list of Known Issues will help you decide if you're experiencing a problem with Webmail or whether it is behaving normally.


There was a recent service outage and upgrade of the Mail@umd system between 5 and 8 a.m. on July 22, 2006. Results of this upgrade should be improved system performance, and Webmail enhancements such as the ability to display messages by arrival time, simplified navigation among message list pages, and address book enhancements that allow you to create and search for e-mail groups.

More information about the Mail@umd e-mail system is available at www.oit.umd.edu/email.


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